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PAEW Brand Identity

PAEW brand is the product of a massive change that happened in PAEW recently in various areas. It seeks to create an impression of the Authority in the minds of both employees and customers, as well as to enhance the reputation of the Authority internally & externally.

Achieve the Vision


The butterfly logo reflects a clear image about the PAEW brand identity, as the butterfly pass through several stages, since the beginning of the egg, larva and finally butterfly.

The same with PAEW, which pass through several stages within the strategic plans for a long term, which aims to double the water network to three times (to be covered the Sultanate about 98% by the year 2040).


In addition, the butterfly has many meaning, as shown in the photo.


The color of the butterfly reflects the identity of the Authority that shows the harmonious relationship between water (blue) and nature (green), which both symbolize the growth and regeneration.