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Water Corporate Policy

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water has been established in 2007, by the promulgation of Sultani Decree. The Public Authority for Electricity and Water was rebranded as Diam in 2017.

Diam’s Vision is to be a world-class utility contributing to the sustainable development of Oman

In order to reach our ambition - in line with Government Policy of expanding water access country wide - Diam has started a strategic project to design a new organisational structure based on business processes. This new organisational structure will be driven by 3 Values:

  • Customer Oriented Organisation
    • Quality of Service improvement
    • Customer Relationship Management System implementation (including complaints)
    • Centralized Call Center development
    • Key account management
    • Customers’ Satisfaction Survey
    • Emergency Response Preparedness
  • Operational Efficiency
    • Treatment costs optimization
    • Water Safety Plans development
    • Losses reduction (real/ apparent)
    • Procurement & Supply Chain improvement
    • O&M contracts optimization & monitoring
    • Computerized solution development (SCADA, CMMS, LIMS)
    • Technical Standards establishment
    • Subcontractors monitoring & commissioning best practises
  • World Class Utility
    • Activity Planning and business predictability
    • Human Resources engineering
    • Targeted communication (internal and external)
    • Information & Technology constant support
    • Quality Health, Safety & Environment Culture (based on international Standards ISO 9001/ 14001, OHSAS 18001)

All Diam’s department must develop the insightful required programs - with targets and objectives - to embed those Values into the business. I commit myself to providing the necessary resources and using the right partnerships to meet the objectives/ targets and deliver the expected added value for all customers and stakeholders.

Diam continuously monitor, regularly report and measure the progress of actions using the Integrated Management System in order to ensure the overall effectiveness and efficiency of Diam’s Policy.