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Board of Directors

The activities of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water are overseen by a Board of Directors, composed of five permanent members who regularly meet to review the Authority’s strategy and achievements. The Board of Directors is composed of:

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdul Malik Al Hinai

H.E./Sheikh Dr. Abdul Malik Abdullah Al Hinai

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Executive Management

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water is daily managed by a dedicated Executive Management team composed of:

His Excellency Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Mahrouqi

H.E./ Mohammed Abdullah Al Mahrouqi

Chairman of the Authority


Dr. Ali bin Hamed Al Ghafri

Dr. Ali Hamed Al Ghafri

Assistant Chairman in charge of International Relations and Events

Engineer Abdulaziz Said Al-shidhani

Eng. Abdulaziz Said Al-shidhani

General Manager Planning & Assets Management

Dr. Fahad Salim Ali Al-Hosni

Dr. Fahad Salim Ali Al-Hosni

General Manager Projects Delivery


Engineer Abdullah Mohammed AL-Naimi

Eng. Abdullah Mohammed AL-Naimi

General Manager operations

Mohammed  Al-Yahyaee

Mohammed Ali Nasser Al-Yahyaee

General Manager Customer Services



General Manager
 Support Services