From the sea to the tap

Source water
In the Sultanate of Oman, water imostly originates from the sea. 85% of our tap water comes from sea water, which is desalinated by desalination plants located throughout the country.
Desalinate and treat water
The most - recently developed process for reliable and efficient water desalination is called “reverse osmosis”, or R.O.. In the R.O. process, semi-permeable membranes are used to separate salt from water.
Another process, used at our Ghubra, Sohar and Barka 1desalination plants, is called “Multiple stage Flash Distillation”. It consistsof boiling the water at less than atmospheric pressure.  The water vapor is then collected and becomes desalinated water.After the desalination process, water is re-mineralized and chlorinated to produce drinking water that is ready  for customers to use.
Distribute water to customers
Water coming from our production plantsis distributed to customers through a vast supply network. Water is transported through large diameter pipes from the water production plants to reservoirs where the water is stored. It is then carried to customers through pumping stations and local networks of smaller pipes.
Please see below, a diagram of our water supply network. 
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Public and private supply
The “service connection” is the link between the water supply network and the pipe used to transport and provide water to a specific building or property. At each connection, a water meter is used to measure the amount  of water consumed by the customer. The meter is the last part of the public water supply that PAEW is responsible for.
Beyond the meter, the network is private and the water distribution and pressure is managed by the building’s internal plumbing. Each customer is responsible for the water supply beyond the meter point.


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